Charivari Trio

The Charivari Trio sings and plays music from Rumania to Venezuela on violin, accordion, and double-bass. Capricious arrangements of authentic South American and Eastern European folk music take turns with the trio's own compositions. Cuban funeral dances intermingle with new Dutch gipsy music and Rumanian drinking-songs.

New review about our new CD!

"...yet another awesome album!"
New Belgium review about our CD Melodias Del Silencio from Dani Heyvaert at "...yet another awesome album -...
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Upcoming gigs

Haarlem . 18 mei 2019

Melodias del Silencio - besloten concert
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Arnhem . 18 mei 2019

Charivari Presents: workshop and concert with OTRA
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Holysloot . 26 mei 2019

Di Mame met Anouk Dorfmann - besloten concert
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